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Lawn Sprinkler Abstract

Research Results and Ongoing Projects

Ongoing Projects

Nanoscience and Condensed Matter Physics

  1. MicroNMR (NMR-on-a-chip) and its applications

  2. Spin Noise in Nanowires

  3. Nanowire contacts for energy efficient transport, and nanowires for efficient field emission

  4. Novel nanoscale methods for studies charge and spin density waves

  5. Graphene defects for environmental applications


  1. Chemical and biochemical sensors based on GaAs heterostructures

  2. Cell dynamics on micropatterned substrates

  3. Cell (leukocytes) deformability via electro-deformation with added nanoparticles

  4. Model lipid membranes 

Statistical Physics, Network Science and Evolutionary Computing  

  1. Evolutionary computing and its applications in sustainability and safety

  2. Time Dependent Network Properties 

  3. Problem solving based on PSO, ACO, GA, NN and related methods

Interactive Engagement Methods in Learning and Teaching 

  1. Computer Quiz Games

  2. Collaborative groups for increased DEI engagement

An Overview of Past Results

the list below reviews projects I was a lead or co-lead on as a junior faculty, postdoc and graduate student

  1. First successful spin transport in ferromagnet-semiconductor heterostructures, both spin injection and spin ejection

  2. Measurements and modeling of nanomagnetic properties of ferromagnet-semiconductor interface, especially on vicinal (step-like) interfaces

  3. Observation of NMR behavior during spin injection

  4. Measurements and analysis of sub-micron X-ray diffraction on charge density waves 

  5. "End contacts" to quasi-1D conductors, semiconductors

  6. Development and implementation of novel etching methods for diamond and silicon

  7. X-ray optics elements, like lenses, prisms, resonators, for X-ray nanofocusing, nanodiffraction and other purposes

  8. Controllable magnetic impurities and novel phases in strongly correlated materials

  9. Studies of oxides (graphene, rare earth) for biomedical and environmental applications

  10. Development of novel teaching and learning techniques (Collaborative Workshop Physics, Computer Quiz Games in Chemistry, Innovation Worksheets)

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