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Diversity, Equity and Inclusivity (a short version)

  • Science and education are among universal and everlasting human achievements. Despite millennia of inequalities up to modern age, we now finally live in the age when we can and should finally make science education available to all, and utilize science to benefit the stability and the progress of civilization, rather than selective interests.          

  • Thanks to my life experiences, my upbringing and deliberately focused training at some of the world leading institutions, I am able to implement specific measures in my classroom, and my laboratory, which increase the participation of under-represented minorities, ensures their progress towards career goals beyond my lab, and provides them with the experience they can build upon.                                                                              

  • I am proud to have had opportunities to be a research supervisor and professor to a large number of female students, student refugees, and an increasing number of minority students. I believe I have learned some valuable lessons in communication and learning processes precisely because I worked with so many students (and visiting scientists) who were either female, or under-represented minority or both. 

  • Going forward, some of my specific plans for a steady improvement of my own DEI attitude, as well as for the betterment of my institution in this regard, include, but are not limited to:

  1. use of structured collaborative groups to foster better mutual communication among the students

  2. periodically updating under-represented students about opportunities

  3. raising awareness among all students that the success of their under-represented colleagues, and overall better DEI attitude is in everyone's interest, as we are more than the sum of our individual successes and obstacles. 

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