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Who?          What?         Where?         When?

  • The Isakovic Research and Education Group started in 2010 after I won my first faculty job - at the newly founded KUST in Abu Dhabi. It has been at Colgate University since July 2019. 

  • I have placed my considerable experience in building up the group and the laboratory from the scratch, and in the environment that was aiming to emulate US R1 institutions, but where start-up funding didn't exist (at the time) and other support was often minimal.

  • Between 2011 and 2018 I have raised over US$ 1.2 mil in external funding, trained 4 PhD, 4 MSc students, and supervised over 25 undergrad RAs and employed 3 visiting scientists. 

  • Since AY 2019/20, 4 Colgate students have done their undergraduate thesis research in my program, and I have also involved half dozen other Colgate students (physics, computer science, biochemistry and math majors) in my lab. 

  • Majority of students of all levels (BSc, MSc, PhD) who worked with me so far are women and under-represented students. Similarly, more than a half of my collaborators so far were women. 

  • I am interested in finding a long term employment at a college or a university faculty job, where my experience, passion for teaching and research, and sense of proper faculty service will be considered a long term asset. 

  • Together with my considerable experience in teaching in various environments and with varied teaching methods, I bring valuable laboratory with instruments in excess of US$350k. 

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